HD specialists for any reception terrestrial and satellite.

Welcome to HDTVSAT.cz

We are engaged in satellite and antenna technology for 25 years, by selection appropriate of antennas and receivers.

We have extensive experience in satellite and terrestrial signals.

Measuring signals of all types of digital broadcasting on apparatus PROMAX TV Explorer II

• solving problems with television reception, counseling Antenna Technology

• provide income for the Czech and Slovak programs from the satellite and reception of programs from Czech terrestrial DVB-T

• proposals sets or assemblies for the broadcast in HD - HDTV and standard MPEG-4

• installation of equipment

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HDTV channels across Europe

Trikolor HD launch more channels on Eutelsat 36 E.

11765 L and 11958L,  DVB-S2, 27500, 3/4 and 8PSK,  all channels are encrypted in DREcrypt. On 12098 R and 12156L now tested SD channels..

Satellite BG growing up!! GO only for Conax!

New channels was lunching EROX, Filmbox, Filmbox Action and FightBox! Trace Sport, EROX XX and XXX are encrypted now...

BSKYB have some changing at new ASTRA1N satellite - HD channels lifting from ASTRA2D...

mtv Lebanon HD started on YAHSAT 52E.

ON BADR5 and 6 still changing a few channels of frequency f.e. SAUDI HD, ALI TV HD, Al Quraan Al Kareem TV, NHK World...


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E-mail: hdtvsat@hdtvsat.cz
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